Splintered by A. G. Howard

Publisher Amulet books

Pages 371

Splintered a rather dark and romantic story base on the descendent of Alice of Wonderland.

Alyssa is the great great great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell.  The family has been cursed with a bought of insanity since Alice went insane in her old age.  Alyssa own mother was in the Soul;s physic unit.  Alyssa, fearing her fate would be like her mothers, try to hide the fact she can hear the bugs and flowers talk to her.  She has been killing the bugs for years just to quite the noise.

Jebediah and Jenara Holt are brother and sister, Alyssa’s neighbors and best friends. .  Alyssa suppresses her feelings for Jeb, believing her insanity will destroy all around her.  Also Jeb has a girlfriend, Taelor.  Taelor has tormented Alyssa about her crazy family history for years.

The craziness is coming down around her causing her to fear the inevitable.  She learns that the insanity is a curse brought on by Alice’s meddling in Wonderland.  Determine to set things right and save her mom and herself Alyssa gives in to the craziness.  Leaning the way to the rabbit hole she heads down to right the wrongs and save them all.


Hey guys,

I am back with another series that I have recently read in the past month, The Vanished Series by Meg Cabot. I’ve read another series by Meg, The Mediator. Now I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t finished the last book still but I’m going to! I also found out just yesterday that there is a 6th book! I was so excited and I have to finish the 5th book now to see how it ends.

Any way, back to my review. I loved this book. Like seriously loved. I finished the series in 4 days. The main character Jessica got struck by lighting gaining this weird “superpower” to locate missing people. Crazy sounding isn’t it? But that’s the best part! Now that she has these powers she goes to locate a kid that doesn’t even want to be found, and because of that she swears not to use her powers unless she is absolutely sure they want to be found. The FBI gets a hold of this and tries to “recruit ” her to help them find people.

I love that there are 4 books! I love Jessica’s wit and charm and sassyness. Yes, yes, I know sassyness isn’t a word but trust me….it describes her perfectly. She doesn’t take crap from no one not even the Feds! She’s tough and loves her family. She stand for what she firmly believes in.

I love Meg Cabot’s writing. She makes her characters strong. Flawed but strong. She makes her books flow and easy to read. If I were you I would pick up one of her books and get to reading! But I’m not…so just trust me. (:

With Love,

Courtney    027368-glossy-black-icon-culture-heart-double

The Lunar Series

My review about the lunar series.

6fa4715aee0997474a6e43b9a08e90beHey everyone. My name is Courtney and I’m starting this blog to review books that I have read. I also have a friend who helps me in reading all these books and reviewing them, her name is Ann.

I’m going to attempt reviewing The Lunar Series, so bear with me! (:

I just finished reading The Lunar Series by Marissa Meyer this past Sunday. It contains four books. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter. Including two spin offs, Fairest and Stars Above, which I have yet to read. This series is set in a futuristic time period.

It starts out about a 16-year-old cyborg and mechanic named Cinder, living in the Eastern Commonwealth. She can’t remember anything before she was 11 years old. All she knows about her past is what she has been told, which is not a lot. She lost her parents, her hand, and her leg in a mysterious hover car accident maiming her as a cyborg. By fixing his personal android, Cinder meets the gorgeous Prince Kia, but learns why he needed her fixed right away. He is trying to find the lost, and presumed dead, princess of Luna, a kingdom on the moon, which his android has information stored away. With the evil queen of Luna trying to take over the Common wealth, will they find the princess? Is she even alive? Being wrongfully imprisoned she meets Thorne, a handsome American who helps Cinder to break out of prison. Together they go into hiding before the queen recaptures them.

The second book introduces Scarlet, a witty 18-year-old farmer who lives in Paris with her grandmother who mysteriously disappears. Meeting a stranger named Wolf, they together set off to find her grandmother, but they only find more mystery. Why would someone take her grandmother? She discovers more and more clues about her grandmothers life and why she may have been taken, but how does the dead princess of Luna fit into all of this? Meeting Thorne and Cinder along the way they together try to put the pieces together. How did Scarlet’s grandmother fit in to this? Why was Cinder imprisoned? They set off into space in Thorne’s stolen space ship, trying to figure it out.

The third book , Cress, is about a Lunar shell. A Lunar without any ability to manipulate others. She has been imprisoned in a shuttle for the past 7 years, being a technical annalist for the queen. With the queen close to taking over the kingdom, the four companions enlist the help of  Cress and set off to rescue her, but things go awry and the group gets separated. Can they stop the queen before it’s to late? Will they ever get to see each other again, or is it to late?

In the last book, Winter is the stepdaughter of the evil queen. She has sworn off ever using her power for anything resulting in lunar sickness, making her slowly go crazy. Meeting Scarlet, Winter and her guard Jacin help  try to stop the evil queen. Together Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter, Kia, Wolf, Thorne, and Jacin try to put together a revolution and save everyone.

In this book there is romance, mystery, suspense, murder, friendship, plotting, and so much more. I fell in love with these books and the characters.  My favorite being Cress. It was written in such a way that made it hard to put it down to do anything. I can’t wait to get a hold of her other two books Stars Above and Fairest. It was a series that I flew through and couldn’t wait to share it with my friends.

If you enjoy mysteries, romance, and fairy tale twists this is the book to read.

With love,

Courtney  027368-glossy-black-icon-culture-heart-double